The TrakBelt 360 Story

A near death experience propelled me to create this product. My name is Chris Landano and I am a firefighter and forensic photographer, here today to tell you my story. 

A few years ago while working as a photographer for the fire departments forensics unit, I responded to a building collapse with reports of people trapped. As a trained firefighter and photographer I was able to access the collapsed area and photograph other firefighters searching for victims.

After taking some photographs, I decided that I would start to exit the area, due to the fact that it was still a very unsafe area

While attempting to squeeze through a narrow space to get out of the unsafe area, I was caught on debris and couldn't free myself. Quick thinking led me to release my belt and free myself from what I was caught on, resulting in dragging my photography belt behind me, getting dirt and debris into my tool pouches and damaging my equipment.

It was in that moment of panic that the idea for TrakBelt360 was born.