Our Mission


Founded by Chris Landano, during a life threatening situation, Chris has developed what was once just an idea, to a real product. It’s taken him years of perseverance, hard work and self belief to launch the company. What drove him to bring this new technology to life, was the fact that it would really help all the trade professionals, do it yourselfers and outdoor enthusiasts who used it in their various work environments. From the very start, Chris decided to use the highest quality materials that would withstand the toughest conditions and also be extremely comfortable for the user. We promise to never sacrifice quality for growth. We will strive to be bold and innovative.

We also promise to be socially responsible, and give back by supporting worthy causes. Giving back and doing community service is in Chris’s DNA. Since the age of 12 years old, Chris has been doing community service, and continues to this very day at the age of 40. A percentage of our profits will go towards supporting 501(c)3 organizations that are making a real difference. Giving back will be part of our company culture.

Here are some of worthy causes that we will support.